If you are thinking that you cannot raise money in the U.S. because you “don’t know any high net worth Americans”

We have found, in every case, that our clients know far more people in America and have contact with more Americans than they ever imagined. We show you how to develop the contacts you already have into shared-value relationships and to expand your own U.S. network. This results in the development of meaningful relationships with donors and friends, who will support your work in the long term.

If you are wondering how we represent your charity in America…

The answer is, we don’t, and you don’t want us to! You are your own best representative. You are in charge of the actual fundraising. We can prepare a unique strategic roadmap and provide tactical advice, designed for your charity, museum or university, on how U.S. funds can be raised. We are your personal advisor, coach, writer and researcher. We support you in every way so that you will have the skills to succeed on your own. You will raise the funds, while gaining a valuable skill set for use in the richest philanthropic market in the world!